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12               2 Kiwanis Club of Kluang
                                                             The President of Kiwanis Club of Kluang 2016 - 2017
In recognition for his service to St. John Ambulans          居銮同济会会长2016 - 2017 3,4
Malaysia, Dato’ Dr. Lim Sin Boon was awarded the
following:                                                   To help to provide a better environment for the
因卓越的贡献,马来西亚圣约翰救伤队颁发以下的荣                                      underprivilege kids such as kids having down syndrome,
誉奖项于拿督林绅文博士:                                                 learning disabilities, physical-challenged, autism and
                                                             hyperactive, he contributed his financial and leadership
   St. John Ambulans Malaysia In House Award                 support to renovate for a better learning centre.
   圣约翰国内荣誉奖项                                                 为了让患有唐氏症、学习困难、身体残障、自闭及过
      Pingat Jasa Cemerlang Grade 4 in 2012                  上的支持,协助装修特殊孩童中心。
      第 4 级勋章
      Pingat Bakti Perkasa Grade 2 in 2015                                                             56
      第 2 级勋章
   Order of St. John Award
   圣约翰国际荣誉奖项                                              3 Persatuan Bekas Penuntut SJK (C) Pa Yai, Kluang
   Awarded SBStJ by Her Majesty the Queen, the               居銮博爱学校校友会
   Sovereign Head of the Most Venerable Order of the
   Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in 2015 1.              Honorary Advisor of
   2015 - 圣约翰组织最高领导英女皇封赐 SBStJ 1。                            Persatuan Bekas Penuntut SJK (C) Pa Yai
                                                             居銮博爱学校校友会的名誉顾问 5,6
   To help to lessen the burden of the dialysis patients
   who need to undergo dialysis treatment, he supported      For the past few years, he has been graciously sponsoring
   a few dialysis patients’ treatment fee monthly and        the school activities and school learning facilities. In
   donated 1 dialysis machine in Sibu and Bintulu            appreciation to his selfless contribution, he is appointed
   dialysis centre respectively.                             as the Honorary Advisor of Persatuan Bekas Penuntut SJK
   为了减轻需要接受洗肾治疗的肾脏病患者,他协助                                    (C) Pa Yai.
   了多位肾脏病患者的医疗费及捐献了各一台洗肾机                                    近几年,拿督林绅文博士慷慨地赞助学校活动及学习
   给诗巫和民都鲁洗肾中心。                                              设施的经费。为了感谢他无私地贡献,他被委任为居
   To help to create recurring income for St. John which
   can really contribute to the society, he donated more     He sponsored one Smart Learning Class in his mother
   than 4 ambulances, consecutively in the year of 2010,     school, SJK ( C ) Pa Yai7.
   2013 and 2015 2.                                          他赞助母校博爱小学的一间精明教室7。
   他在 2010、2013 及 2015 年间陆续捐献了超过 4 台                         He is the main sponsor of the “Dato’ Dr. Lim Sin Boon
   救伤车 2。                                                    Chess Competition”8.

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