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GoodMorning Honey

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What is Stingless Bee Honey?

The stingless bees of Malaysia produce a very distinctive and aromatic honey with a complex, layered flavour and a tangy taste. Stingless Bee Honey (SBH) has high levels of antimicrobial and antioxidant activity from the diverse nectar sources of the Malaysian forest. This type of honey is highly prized in Malaysia.

Uniqueness of GoodMorning Stingless Bee Hoeny

Uniqueness of Stingless Bee Honey

Distinctively aromatic, tangy (‘sweet-sour’) flavour. 
Produced in much smaller quantities than honey bee honeys as stingless bees are smaller and have smaller colonies than honey bees. 
Stingless Bee Honey is less viscous (‘thick’) than ‘normal’ honeys. This is a natural characteristic of Stingless Bee Honey.
While some other tropical countries also have stingless bees, Malaysian stingless bees seem to be among the most productive species in the world,
and also seem to produce the best-tasting SBH. 
Contains natural enzymes and probiotics

Benefit of GoodMorning Stingless Bee Honey

Contains over 200 natural bioactive compounds

• Energy Booster
The natural sugars in honey are easily digested and provide a natural energy boost. 

Antioxidant properties from polyphenols help reduce cell damage and ageing.  

Powerful natural antibacterial properties kill or suppress harmful bacteria
in the mouth or on the skin. 

The natural polyphenols and flavonoids in stingless bee honey help to reduce inflammation and pain for sore throats, mouth ulcers and minor skin wounds.  

• Probiotics and Enzymes
The natural probiotics and enzymes in stingless bee honey
help digestion and improve intestinal health.

• Trace Elements
Contains trace elements from the large variety of plants visited. 

• Helps Stimulate Cell Regeneration 
Flavonoids in SBH help with healing of minor wounds and may reduce scarring.

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GoodMorning’s Stingless Bee Honey can be taken as a supplement daily.

1. 1 – 2 teaspoons taken by itself. Gargle the honey in your mouth before swallowing to ensure that it combines and activates with the enzymes and saliva for optimal outcomes or mix it in any amount of water to drink.
2. Can be mixed into warm/ hot drinks to add flavour as it is a natural sweetener.
3. Can be used along with lemon mixed in water/ tea during sickness cough/cold/ respiratory illness
as it contains anti-inflammation properties.
4. Get creative and incorporate it into your food!  Eg. using it as dressing for salad,
toppings for pancakes/ waffles/ ice creams, adding it into granola/ overnight oats, drizzle it on nuts.