GoodMorning Lantern Making Contest 灯笼制作比赛

GoodMorning Lantern Making Contest 灯笼制作比赛

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GoodMorning Lantern Making Contest 灯笼制作比赛

1st Prize : GoodMorning Cash Voucher worth RM300
2nd Prize : GoodMorning Cash Voucher worth RM200
3rd Prize : GoodMorning Cash Voucher worth RM100
Consolation Prize x 3 : GoodMorning Cash Voucher worth RM50

SUBMISSION DATE : 8 September – 4 October 2017

Theme : Freestyle
Main Materials :
GoodMorning product tins. (All kinds of materials are allowed to use.)

1. LIKE and SHARE GoodMorning Lantern Making Contest.
2. Please PM your lantern photo and personal details : Full Name, Ic Number, Email, Mobile Number to GoodMorning Global Facebook Fan Page.
3. We will add the contest frame to your photo. Then, UPLOAD your submitted photo with contest frame on your Facebook, tag GoodMorning Global Facebook Fan Page and hashtag #GoodMorningLantern
(For clarification purposes, the setting of the post must be made Public, otherwise it will be deemed as an invalid entry.)
4. You can submit as many photos as you wish but only one photo is eligible to win.

1. Winners will be chosen by GoodMorning Global with 30% public voting.
2. Judging will be based on creativity and originality.
3. Winners will be announced on GoodMorning Global Facebook Fan Page after the submission date.

1. GoodMorning Lantern Making Contest (“Contest”) is organised by GoodMorning Global (“Organiser”). By participating in this contest, participants are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions stated herein.
2. Any entries received by GoodMorning Global after the submission date will be automatically disqualified.
3. Each lantern must be an original and unpublished work of the participant and copyrighted work will not be accepted.
4. Judges decision are final and no correspondence will be entertained.
5. The Organiser reserves the right to request the original artwork and photo from participants if necessary.
6. Cash voucher is valid until 31 October 2017, can be redeemed at GoodMorning Global online store in a single receipt.
7. The Organiser will not be held liable in the event of non-receipt or delayed delivery of the notification to the winners, or if the winners are not reachable for any reason.
8. The Organiser reserves the right to substitute the prizes with other prizes of equal value without giving any reason and/or prior notification. Prizes are not exchangeable with cash and they are non-transferable.
9. The Organiser may at any time at its sole and absolute discretion cancel this contest or vary any of these terms and conditions without prior notice and without furnishing any reason.
10. The Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. All information obtained is solely provided to the Organiser, and not to Facebook.

奖品 :
冠军 : 价值 RM300 GoodMorning 现金卷
亚军 : 价值 RM200 GoodMorning 现金卷
季军 : 价值 RM100 GoodMorning 现金卷
安慰奖 x 3 : 价值 RM50 GoodMorning 现金卷

提交日期 : 2017年9月8日 – 10月4日

参赛作品规格 :
主题 : 自由创作
主要材料 : GoodMorning 产品铝罐 (参赛者允许使用各种材料,无设限。)

参赛方式 :
1. 赞和分享 GoodMorning 灯笼制作比赛
2. 请把您的参赛作品和个人资料如姓名、身份证号码、电邮地址、联络号码私讯至GoodMorning Global Facebook 粉丝专页
3. 我们会把比赛相框加入您的参赛作品。然后,把您的参赛作品(附有比赛相框)上传至您的面子书,标记GoodMorning Global Facebook 粉丝专页和hashtag #GoodMorningLantern
4. 参赛者可提交多张照片,但只有一张照片可获奖。

作品评审准则 :
1. GoodMorning Global将会选出优胜者,30%由公众投票。
2. 评审将以作品的独创性和原创性为准则。
3. 优胜者名单将在截至日期后于 GoodMorning Global Facebook 粉丝专页上公布。

条款和规则 :
1. GoodMorning Lantern Making Contest (“比赛”) 由 GoodMorning Global(“主办单位”)主办。参与此比赛参赛者被视为接受并同意以下竞赛条规。
2. 截至日期之后提交的参赛作品将被自动取消资格。
3. 参赛作品必须是原创和未经发表的作品,任何涉及抄袭作品将不被接受。
4. 评审团的裁决为最后决定,任何质询恕不受理。
5. 如有需要,主办单位有权向参赛者要求原版参赛作品和照片。
6. 现金卷有效日期至2017年10月31日,可在GoodMorning Global网上兑换,只限于单一收据。
7. 所有得奖者必须在限定时间内在GoodMorningGlobal的面子书回应/回复。所有的奖品若没有领主,原属得奖者将当作弃权。
8. 主办单位有权替换同等价值的其他奖品,恕不另行通知,奖品不可兑换现金或转让。
9. 主办单位有权在无须预先通知的情况下改正,修改,取消或者增加任何条规。
10. 本竞赛所有的奖品与面子书无利益冲突 ,非赞助,赞同,管理或与面子书联盟。