GoodMorning VSecret Spray

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What is VSecret Spray?

The existing intimate hygiene products were introduced over 100 YEARS AGO. Most of them contain chemicals, alcohol, fragrances and soaps that may affect women’s bodies.

Let’s Experience the NEW WAY to do Feminine Care!

The All-New GoodMorning VSecret Spray solves the problems that most women have, in ALL NEW METHOD through the latest technology – ZeroTouchTM Technology without the need to apply directly to your intimate area. The VSecret Spray delivers up to 12-24 hours of lasting performance.

Activated Minerals

Breaking the norm to fight harmful pathogens by not using toxic chemicals but with uniquely formulated Activated Zinc, the natural anti-microbial ingredients that carry energy frequency that lasts up to 12-24hours on the treated surface.

Antimicrobial action of the technology – bacteriostatic electrons

Activated Minerals will release anions and break through pathogen’s cell membranes, destroy the pathogen’s structure to stop cell replication. VSecret Spray will effectively banish bad odours for 12-24 hours.

Revolutionary 12-24 hours protection

The ZeroTouchTM Shield offers remarkable 12-24hours protections. Using the finest high-quality of minerals, VSecret Spray films a shield when treated at underwear surface with Activated Minerals that will automatically be triggered and activated to protect when it is in-contact with oxygen.
The unique bonding technology from GoodMorning allows the minerals to remain activated for 12-24hours.

Improves blood circulation

GoodMorning VSecret Spray can generate Far Infrared naturally with the Activated Minerals when spraying on the underwear, consistently emitting a mild and safe far infrared energy. It thus stimulates the blood circulation and provides antioxidant and boosts healing from infections.

Consistent usage of the GoodMorning VSecret Spray will help REVITALIZE INTIMATE softness and give radiance.


  1. Gains your feminine confidence back
  2. Helps to stay active and motivated
  3. Beautifies the V
  4. Leaves vaginal with 12-24hours of freshness
  5. Removes odour-causing bacteria
  6. Smooth and gentle
  7. Relieves irritations
  8. Breathable & fresh

No skin contact

No rinsing required

No need to apply directly to intimate area

Strictly contains no

X Alcohol

X Fragrance

X Soaps

X Toxic Chemicals

X Parabens


Shake well. 2 sprays & 30cm away from your undergarment, let dry and it’s ready to wear!

Do not twist open the sprayer as it might affect the quality and performance of the product


Beautifully designed portable bottle that allows you to bring it wherever you go!

Say goodbye to your great-grandmother’s intimate wash!

BYE BYE CHEMICALS! Stop messing with your vagina’s pH!

This is the perfect REVOLUTION to replace feminine wash and vaginal douching

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