Do you know your DETOXIFICATION…?

Digestive system Intestines Liver
The main function is to digest food and to enable the nutrients released from the food to enter into the bloodstream. It absorbs water and contains many symbiotic bacteria that aid in the breaking down of wastes to extract some small amounts of nutrients. Faeces or waste materials in the large intestine will exit the body through the anal canal. The liver is a vital organ that filters out toxins that enter the body and eliminates the toxins that can’t be broken down.

Accumulation of toxin:
a. Unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle
b. Toxins from pesticides, heavy metals and environmental pollution
c. Long term on medicines and antibiotics

Toxin Induced Disease:
a. Poor immune system
b. Body Odor, Bad breath
c. Toxins can cause brain cell damage and become not agile and dull
d. Poor spirit, lethargic sleep, lack of energy
e. Skin Problems (Black Spots, acne, pigmentation, dry skin, loss of elasticity, dull and etc)
f. Obesity
g. Premature Aging

About GoodMorning Cleanse
GoodMorning Cleanse is a delicious and refreshing fibre drink made from natural ingredients specially formulated with probiotic 10 billion, soluble fibre (Fibersol®- 2) and milk thistle to support for a healthy digestive and liver function.

Benefits of GoodMorning Cleanse

Total D’Tox Restore
1. Soluble fiber (Fibersol®- 2) (Body Health)
• Absorbs excess fat, cholesterol and sugar2. Insoluble Fibre (Colon Health)
• Promotes colon health by excreting out harmful and toxic substances
• Helps increase the excretion of fat in the stool3. Milk Thistle (Liver Health)
• Supports liver cleansing function
1. Probiotic 10 Billion & Prebiotics
• Promotes growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria
• Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) is a prebiotic and also a food source for probiotics, helps in developing a healthy immune system2. Milk Thistle
• Protects liver from the effects of toxins


Malaysian Dietary Guidelines 1999
Recommendation of dietary fibre intake is between 20g to 30g per day
(Equivalent to a combined intake of 310g of vegetables and fruits daily)

1 sachet of GoodMorning Cleanse = 6.1g dietary fibre
You are probably will meet the recommended dietary fibre intake with consumption of vegetables and fruit in your three main meals (added 2 servings of vegetables and fruit in each meal)

Suggested Preparation:

a. For initial total body detoxification and relieving severe constipation
Mix 1 sachet of GoodMorning Cleanse with 150ml room temperature water, shake and consume immediately after meal, 1 to 2 times daily.

b. For daily body detoxification and health maintenance. Mix 1 sachet of GoodMorning Cleanse with 150ml room temperature water, shake and consume immediately. Consume daily before bed.

*Drink sufficient water throughout the day for optimum results.

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