GoodMorning V18

Most Affordable Multi-Grain In The Market

Ginger is well known with the body warming effect, calming nausea, promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammatory effects and boosting the immune system. which is high in antioxidants, not only warms the body but also acts as anti-inflammatory. 

V18 Grains is a nutritious grains beverage made from selected 18 types of premium grains with 5 colours of phytonutrients and added with ginger. V18 Grains is a delightful drink that gives a heart warming and delicious taste for everyone of all ages.

Bamboo ginger is high in antioxidants which delay aging; the ginger, red quinoa and prebiotic provide high antioxidant, high fiber and helps to promote bowel movement. 

Suitable for people who: 

– All ages (above 12 months)

– Don’t like ginger taste (only mild ginger taste)

– Easily fatigue

– Cold hands and feet

– Bloated stomach

– Pregnant and lactating mothers (promote healing and boosting of breastmilk)

– Relieves symptoms of flu and fever, relieves pains and soreness

– Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure