Health Concerns
Most PP are microwavable safe and dishwasher safe. NOTE: microwavable/dishwasher safe only means that the plastic will not warp when heated. It does not imply that it is a healthy practice. A better alternative is using glass containers to heat foods and to hand wash plastic instead of using the dishwasher.



大多数PP都是微波炉安全和洗碗机安全。 注意:微波炉/洗碗机安全只是指加热时塑料不会翘曲。 这并不意味着这是健康的做法。 一个更好的选择是使用玻璃容器加热食物和手洗塑料,而不是使用洗碗机。


Why we need Vitality Shaker? 为什么我们需要活力摇杯?

By shaking the water at least 40 times before drinking, it will keep you hydrates longer and will reduce the problems of frequent urination.

According to Healing Galing, shaken water helps you absorb the water faster by the body but stays longer in our system, thus it helps cleanse your body.

Also according to some claims, shaking water will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen and will form a detectable amounts of hydrogen peroxide, H2O2. By producing hydrogen peroxide, water will improve its PURITY, FLAVOUR, POSITIVE ENERGY and VITALITY.


根据Healing Galing,喝摇过的水可以帮助身体更快地吸收水分,但在我们的系统中保持更长的时间,从而有助于身体排毒。

另外根据一些说法,摇晃水将增加溶解氧的量,并且将形成可检测量的过氧化氢H 2 O 2。 通过生产过氧化氢,水将提高其净度、香味、正能量和活力。我不建议在你的水中加入“非处方”的过氧化氢。


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